Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Talented Ruby Parfitt

One of my favourite things to do is discover new, up and coming singers that are true artists and performers in their own right. I like to listen to something that I know will inspire me to write and sing music myself. I am drawn to artists who are down to earth, just like myself, but who are also giving a shot at their dreams - I think it's so admirable and it really drives me to strive for more than just a mediocre existence.

Beaches are my favourite places so this simple video really appeals to me. It has an air of effortlessness with ease and calm. With the shots of the skate park in the background it is laid back and there is no pretence, just pure voice and honesty. This video is shot by a good friend of mine - Daniel Harris, who is currently working on so many projects, and planning a trip out to LA next year. Watch this space! Enjoy the video and check out her channel!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Rock a Baroque

Jumper from Dress Me Perfect Boutique, 4 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 1DG
02920 624640

One of my favourite current trends is Baroque. I love the bold statement prints, layering of different textures and the essence of grandeur, deluxe and architectural influence that is so present in the clothes!
I'm definitely an ALL or NOTHING person, and this trend definitely says it ALL. Why go half heartedly when you can go with a bold statement piece? I find that what I wear contributes largely to how I feel. Well, I'm currently mostly in black so what does this say... I wonder. I do enjoy making a statement though and this is where Baroque steps right in.

It's amazing when you can see definite architectural influences within clothing designs. Baroque is the Queen of this influence. Dating as early back as 16th Century Italy, Baroque celebrated the absolutest era, the rebuilding of Rome after some serious religious conflict. This new art form was brought out impact the senses and awaken the emotions of it's viewers. Characterised by new explorations of form, light and shadow and dramatic intensity, you can see the original Baroque designs in beautiful buildings such as this stunning Parisian Opera House:

This Italian Church: 


And the Baroque Domes of Italy:


To end, I thought I'd share one of my favourite places to get a coffee/drink in Cardiff, and it screams Baroque! The name is Barocco, and it is set right in the heart of Cardiff town centre. I have had many a good coffee/drink/catch up in this place and it never fails to disappoint. There are lots of marble statues and a very grand staircase. The feeling inside is one of Grandeur, luxury and bold unashamed extravagance. I recommend this venue to enjoy the delights of Baroque and rock the night up.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Can not get over this version <3

This track is the brother of someone I've been talking to half way across the world in South Carolina, for maybe 4 years?!?

It's amazing the people you meet, life can be so amazing. The world is sometimes a lot smaller than we think, anything is possible.

This track plays in my work constantly, and its something that caused me to think a lot recently. Human relationships and how we deal with love. Sometimes in life we think we know someone so well, but then maybe it doesn't work out and then, well they just leave. And it's like you never knew them. It can be one of the hardest things to accept. But to quote the pastor TD Jakes "If people can walk away from you, let them walk" Life is too short to try to hold on to people or things that hurt you or drag you down.

I'm singing this, knowing that there are a few people that I used to know. I'm also in the knowledge that I let them go. We can all relate to this song in some way, and I hope it helps someone let go of the past and look forward to a bright and amazing future :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rock a classic look

Zadig&Voltaire - one of my favourite brands of the moment! Partly because they have Freja Beha Erichsen doing their current AW/13 campaigns. This clothes brand is classic French with a punk rock and roll edge. This is what I am all about at the moment. There is nothing predictable about what they have to offer. They bring out the rock star element in clothing and design pieces that will make you feel like a rock princess. Go visit their website:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Christmas Family

So, I'm venturing into a new acting project, with five other professionals and we are putting this piece on around the Christmas period. We decided to explore the idea of a random group of people coming together, and being a family. The most unlikely of characters kind of thrown together. We are taking inspiration from 'The Royle Family' 'Morcombe and Wise' and 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

At this stage we are in the very early beginnings of character exploration and experimenting with various ideas. The idea mainly is to go with the comedy route, and have various 'window into the soul' moments for these characters. There has to be a reason that they came together to be a family, every Christmas. It leads me to think about my own individual experience at Christmas, and what family means to me. Who in my life would I consider to be like family, other than my own genetic family? What does family mean to us? Why do we gather together at Christmas? What would it be like without these people in our lives?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Dress Me Perfect!

So, I'm helping out at this new boutique, 'Dress Me Perfect' and I thought I'd do a post, just because this line of work really interests me and gets my passion going! I love styling and mixing pieces together that are original, unique and flattering to your body shape. I come from a background of working in retail and clothing, and I love using my creative eye to help someone else find their signature look. Today I'm wearing a gorgeous oversized heart jumper by AX Paris (£30 in 'Dress Me Perfect' Whitchurch, Cardiff) teamed with a vintage floral fitted dress (from JOY£50) and this season's must have two strap sandals (from REISS £129).

It's all about feeling confident, comfortable and like YOU! No one else can pull off the style you can, so wear it, be original, and don't be afraid to try something different! If I wear something tight on the bottom half I like to mix it up by wearing a baggy/loose fitting top. And vice versa, if I wear a tight top I usually try wearing a looser fabric on the bottom half. I think mixing textures is also fabulous and very fashion forward, especially for winter 2013/14. Some of my favourite textures for AW13/14 are: Leather, tweed, silk and suede.

If you live in the South Wales area, pop in and visit this gorgeous little boutique in the heart of Whitchurch, just outside Cardiff City Centre. You will find something for all tastes here, from classic cocktail dresses and cosy knits to quirky stone washed denim and punk inspired pieces. If you fancy a closer look into the inspiration behind the business visit and take a look at Dawn Higgin's blog and fabulous website.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Scent and Memory

Hey so I thought I'd start by sharing my ultimate favourite fragrance of the moment - Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf. I love this scent - firstly because not everyone has heard of the name, so it feels ever so slightly more exclusive. Also because, well it smells incredible! And very different. Guaranteed everytime I have worn this scent, someone has turned around and asked me what I was wearing. And that is the whole point. There is no point in having an ordinary, forgettable scent. You need to make heads turn! Surely, life's too short, right?

I mean, every time I have invested in a new, luxury cologne, it has been because I smelled it on someone else and thought, incredible, absolutely incredible, I cannot LIVE without this scent! And then it becomes you. And scent becomes like part of your identity, a mark that you leave behind. It can also be used to describe someone's character. For example, 'That person left a bad taste in the air' or 'They always leave me feeling refreshed.' I always connect scent strongly to memories of people, situations, life events. And I think this is a universal thing. Apparently scent is one of the strongest senses that connects to the memory part of our brain. A lot of people who have broken up with an ex partner claim that they can never be around that same cologne that their ex did wear, as it reminds them too strongly of unhappy/unpleasant memories. Or it can cause you to pine for or miss a lover that perhaps did not requite the love you had for them. On the other side, it can pleasantly remind you of someone that you love being around. Scent really can trigger a range of emotions in us.

What scents/colognes hold strong memories for you? What scene do you leave behind when you leave a room? Is it time to perhaps change your scent? Invest in a new fragrance, a new chapter. For me, I am embracing Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb as I believe it represents a new explosion of colour and creativity in my waking life. Plus, the person I first smelled this on, happens to be a very inspiring and ambitious young lady with a wonderful character and zest for life. :)