Thursday, 10 October 2013

Scent and Memory

Hey so I thought I'd start by sharing my ultimate favourite fragrance of the moment - Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf. I love this scent - firstly because not everyone has heard of the name, so it feels ever so slightly more exclusive. Also because, well it smells incredible! And very different. Guaranteed everytime I have worn this scent, someone has turned around and asked me what I was wearing. And that is the whole point. There is no point in having an ordinary, forgettable scent. You need to make heads turn! Surely, life's too short, right?

I mean, every time I have invested in a new, luxury cologne, it has been because I smelled it on someone else and thought, incredible, absolutely incredible, I cannot LIVE without this scent! And then it becomes you. And scent becomes like part of your identity, a mark that you leave behind. It can also be used to describe someone's character. For example, 'That person left a bad taste in the air' or 'They always leave me feeling refreshed.' I always connect scent strongly to memories of people, situations, life events. And I think this is a universal thing. Apparently scent is one of the strongest senses that connects to the memory part of our brain. A lot of people who have broken up with an ex partner claim that they can never be around that same cologne that their ex did wear, as it reminds them too strongly of unhappy/unpleasant memories. Or it can cause you to pine for or miss a lover that perhaps did not requite the love you had for them. On the other side, it can pleasantly remind you of someone that you love being around. Scent really can trigger a range of emotions in us.

What scents/colognes hold strong memories for you? What scene do you leave behind when you leave a room? Is it time to perhaps change your scent? Invest in a new fragrance, a new chapter. For me, I am embracing Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb as I believe it represents a new explosion of colour and creativity in my waking life. Plus, the person I first smelled this on, happens to be a very inspiring and ambitious young lady with a wonderful character and zest for life. :)

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