Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Talented Ruby Parfitt

One of my favourite things to do is discover new, up and coming singers that are true artists and performers in their own right. I like to listen to something that I know will inspire me to write and sing music myself. I am drawn to artists who are down to earth, just like myself, but who are also giving a shot at their dreams - I think it's so admirable and it really drives me to strive for more than just a mediocre existence.

Beaches are my favourite places so this simple video really appeals to me. It has an air of effortlessness with ease and calm. With the shots of the skate park in the background it is laid back and there is no pretence, just pure voice and honesty. This video is shot by a good friend of mine - Daniel Harris, who is currently working on so many projects, and planning a trip out to LA next year. Watch this space! Enjoy the video and check out her channel!

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