Friday, 15 November 2013

Rock a Baroque

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One of my favourite current trends is Baroque. I love the bold statement prints, layering of different textures and the essence of grandeur, deluxe and architectural influence that is so present in the clothes!
I'm definitely an ALL or NOTHING person, and this trend definitely says it ALL. Why go half heartedly when you can go with a bold statement piece? I find that what I wear contributes largely to how I feel. Well, I'm currently mostly in black so what does this say... I wonder. I do enjoy making a statement though and this is where Baroque steps right in.

It's amazing when you can see definite architectural influences within clothing designs. Baroque is the Queen of this influence. Dating as early back as 16th Century Italy, Baroque celebrated the absolutest era, the rebuilding of Rome after some serious religious conflict. This new art form was brought out impact the senses and awaken the emotions of it's viewers. Characterised by new explorations of form, light and shadow and dramatic intensity, you can see the original Baroque designs in beautiful buildings such as this stunning Parisian Opera House:

This Italian Church: 


And the Baroque Domes of Italy:


To end, I thought I'd share one of my favourite places to get a coffee/drink in Cardiff, and it screams Baroque! The name is Barocco, and it is set right in the heart of Cardiff town centre. I have had many a good coffee/drink/catch up in this place and it never fails to disappoint. There are lots of marble statues and a very grand staircase. The feeling inside is one of Grandeur, luxury and bold unashamed extravagance. I recommend this venue to enjoy the delights of Baroque and rock the night up.

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