Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My humble opinions, with a feminist slant.

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It's been a while since I have done a post, but I simply couldn't hold back much longer as certain topics are arising in current affairs that actually are close to my heart and I couldn't stay silent!!!!

Firstly - why are people so quick to judge celebrities who are doing charity work!? And also, why do we judge rich people so much?! It's so unfair, and these celebs are just people like ourselves who are subjected and ridiculed to the max. They get criticised under the microscope constantly and there is so much pressure on them to be perfect. I really think we should realise that celebrities are just real people like ourselves and if they are trying to make a positive change for charity then just leave them alone.

Secondly - why are so many women trying to get famous, or are already famous for taking off their clothes and making porn?! It is so disheartening for young women. What example is this for the younger generation? Where is the encouragement for education and cultured minds? The media influences so much of what we do and think. There is a desperate need for a rising up of young women who are willing to NOT fall into the trap. Women who see their worth and value their dignity. Even if you are struggling to find work, there is always another way. Even if you have to be on minimum wage for a while and show patience, there are other ways to make a career in the media other than becoming an object of lust.

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